Friday, 18 March 2011

Squat like a man!

I thought this a relevent first article, since its something i see everyday in the gym, and the thing i hear most people complaining about.

Want to get big? Squat.

Its that simple. But not just that, you need to squat with a FULL RANGE OF MOTION. This means no loading the bar up, shuffling down five inches, and then high 5ing your friend in the holister shirt.

Some might argue that its damaging to your knees to go below parallel, well you're wrong, go ahead and do a google search on the subject, there are plenty of studies out there showing that ass to grass squats are actualy BENEFICIAL for the knee joints (unless you already have problems, but thats another matter...).

Squatting wont just get you those dorian yates wheels you want, but improves your core muscles aswell, and heavy compound lifts like squats and deadlifts are proven to raise testosterone levels, improving your anabolic rate thus building more muscle.

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This is the first post of this new blog, I will be keeping track of my own gains and giving you information about the best things that have worked for me. So please, join me and we both might just learn something new.