Wednesday, 11 April 2012


For around two months now I have been following a programme that was popularised on the forums, known as Growth Stimulation Training. This programme has given me some excellent results, relatively quickly aswell, and i'd like to discuss a few key points, and hopefully encourage you to take a look yourself.

The routine itself focuses around four major compound lifts, a press, pull, lift and squat movement, each of which increases in weight every week, building to a crescendo where you are forced under the bar with your 1RM teetering above you, which for those who have been there know, can be a nerve wracking experience. Its seen all too often when people claim to be trying to gain strength, they load up the bar week after week with the same weight, crank out the same 7 or 8 reps, and call it a day. One of the great features of this routine is that it encourages you to try the weight, because the numbers say so. And most of the time, you surprise yourself when you hit your third rep with a weight you should have only managed once.

Various methods of what i'd refer to as 'hybrid' training come into play within the routine, weak point training, various rep ranges and movements are utilised to build a rounded, but most importantly, powerful physique.

The creator himself has a youtube channel where he talks about some of the finer points not covered in his eBook, and more information can be found at

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